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Pwllfawatkin recycling centre will close on 31st March 2019. From 1st April residents will be able to use the household waste recycling centre located on Bethel Road, Lower Cwmtwrch, SA9 2HW. This site also operates a black bag sorting area - save time, make sure there are no recyclables in your black bags.

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Your Permit is valid for one day only with a maximum of three visits per day.

BRITON FERRY RECYCLING CENTRE: Black Bag Changes from 26/11/2018.
From 26th November, our bag splitting operation will be up and running at Briton Ferry Household Recycling Centre.
Please make sure no recyclable materials are in your black bags.

I confirm that I am only disposing of domestic waste and that I am aware of the limits of building/construction waste that can be disposed of free of charge. I understand that the site have the right to refuse access to any vehicle with or without a permit at their discretion. Any suspected abuse of the scheme could lead to further investigation by our Waste Enforcement Officers.

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